10 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important

Dec 01 2014

Email is where leads are converted to clients and deals happen and business takes place with emails and it has worked for years. Here are 10 reasons why email is important.

First, more people are using email compared to Facebook and Twitter three times as many users combined both Facebook and twitter. Even though social media is a hot commodity people engage in their email inboxes. In real estate marketing have to go where the people are inn this case it is the email. Through showing up powerful messages it is easy to make leads from email campaigns.

Secondly. Email is more personal than social media where email marketing allows sending more personal messages to the database. Email campaigns give you the ability to create separate groups so that it is easy to send messages to the target groups.

Third, email doesn’t play tricks as long as the email is spam free it goes straight to the client email inbox every single time compared to other social media it is much easier which is a great thing about the email marketing.

Fourth, Email is yours with email marketing which you own your own email list no one else have access to it. You can email your clients and be in control of building your business and only rules you have to follow are in the can-spam act. No one can take your list away from you, and no one can change the rules compared to social media sites rules changes all the time.

Fifth, email could be tracked easily such as split-test your subject line and see which subject line gets opened most. You can see the names of the people who open your emails and what links they click on in your message. Also you can dig into who is engaging with your emails and the messages that are working. This can help you craft even better emails going forward.

Sixth, email offers targeted marketing through creating personalized email groups can do more targeted marketing with email. Targeting short-sale listings by create a short-sale landing page on the website to put together an offer, like a free guide to short sales in exchange for an email address. Then creating an auto responder series that sends emails about short sales to the prospect. An auto responder is a series of emails with the goal of engaging target audience. It is also an opportunity to showcase knowledge about a topic and it is highly targeted marketing and can produce quality lead when it is done the right way.

Seventh, email does not have limits can include as many characters and images as you would like in the message. I am not suggesting that you write a 2,000 word email, but I am saying that email is less limiting when it comes to the type of message you can send. You can add more than one message, more than one image and customize it as much as you like. You own your message and can do anything you like to get your point across.

Eight, email cannot be ignored clients will have to do something with your message which it cannot be ignored have to do something with it to clear it from the unread items in your email inbox. Clients will have to take action when it comes to your email message. This means your message will get seen and not ignored email is like an actionable item.

Ninth, email is more intimate for example it is like meeting an old friend for coffee where they talk and you listen. Email is more personal which it helps to build relationships it could be formal or informal.

Tenth, less competitive in the inbox where email messages are more likely to be seen by the clients and it is easy to captivate viewers. Also the competition with the email marketing is only against other email in their inbox. Through creating a fanatic message with a great headline and you will increase the chance that your email gets opened. It covers the way for a personal and direct connection from you to your client.