Cutting Edge Visual Tools

Nov 10 2014

Internet has increased visual culture and particularly improved the option of creating a rapport between a consumer and an image. Luckily, visual technology is advanced and improved significantly during the past years. It is an important tool for facilitating real estate industry. Contemporary digital consumer expects an appealing experience through visually compelling products provided by companies that understand the user’s needs of today and tomorrow. Visualizations reduce consumer uncertainty and make it easier to make decision.  Visualization helps brokers in various ways to modernize the image capture, process and present. Here are some of the products and technologies in the market.

Virtual or interactive photo tours tool which features plain two dimensional photos or two dimensional floor plans which has been there for a while in the market. Floor plans are surprisingly rarely used in the United States compared to their use in other countries. Elsewhere, floor plans are considered a consumer requirement.

Photo styles tool can be used to style the photos which can be virtually stage a room and make changes to the space like wall color furnishing. It is a good experience for the buyers and renters and gives them a visual image on the place through the photo styles.

Video tour platforms are a fixed or fixable design where the user can insert real estate video shots which can be shot by any one. However if the videos are not done by the professionally it would lack quality and effect the decision of the buyer. If the video is done properly it would give a good impression for the buyer.

Three dimensional 3D photos, where the photos shot with a normal single lens reflex cameras or lasers with a software stitching can create 360 degree photos for interactive floor plans. Through the help of a professional photographer to bring quality images and helps to provide more information to the customers. Other early projects in this area aim to bring 3D motion capture to the smartphone.

3D visualization of the existing properties displays are reduced with different technologies possibly with smaller 3D studios or semi automatically. Products supplied include 3D floor plans and 3D panoramas. The capture part of the process either starts with scanning computer assisted design drawings or plain two-dimensional floor plans. With either as a base allows for an automatic creation of 3D visualizations in large capacities. These kinds of products suit both residential and commercial rental property owners. Also brokers and agents who want to add one or several extra dimensions of customer experience to their marketing.

3D visualization of the properties to be developed or redeveloped tool is similar to the existing property images but more advance than it for example 3D navigators which allow the consumer or company to visit the development digitally before it is build. It gives user to know if it is available to view and decorate in advance. Also the tool makes the customer make a decision easily and reduces developer expenses.

Another tool is 3D visualization with e-commerce functions is a few furnishing products where a floor plan or a 3D panorama of a space for sale or rent can be furnished with a particular store furniture. For new property developments and supply configurators allow the consumer to digitally view and select alternatives, then preorder items like kitchen and bath ware equipment from the developer’s selection.

Most of the above products are allowed on PC, tablets and smartphones through WebGL. New standard graphic language for Web browsers. The visualization technology development is rapidly changing, and so are the consumers. The real estate sector has, yet, been rather slow to adapt to the new possibilities in the coming years as the benefits of digital visualizations became more and more obvious.