Digital Natives △ Consumer Behavior

Mar 21 2017

Consumer expectations have changed since the advent of the digital age. With digital natives shaping these new expectations, retailers who are still thinking in terms of pre-digital shopping behavior need to adapt to the new landscape.

Digital natives are used to a different type of retail experience and have a set of expectations to match. The changes started around the mid 90’s when Amazon started its delivery based business. From then, innovation after innovation in technology has created a digital retail environment that doesn’t even slightly resemble how it used to be.

Navigating these changes has been a challenge to many established retailers. But there are those who are spearheading retail into the digital age. As fast as technology changes, is as flexible and versatile as retailers need to be to stay on top. Retailers that are leading the pack are using the new digital age to their advantage instead of shying away.

Tory Burch, Wal-Mart, Express and many others are looking to bridge the gap between in-store sales woes and online sale surges with omnichannel services. Omnichannel is the new way retailers are reaching their customer base and getting shoppers back in stores. Having a robust ecommerce site actually keeps customers in store by attracting digital age consumers. Convenient omnichannel services connect the online and in store shopping experience with services like dropship to store and pick up in store services. 

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