Keep in touch: Business Communication with Past Contacts

Jan 26 2015

Tips for Representing your Online Brand through Social Media

It is important that you are aware of the image your business is projecting to the online world. It is helpful if your company is looked upon as an active resource for consumers, as becoming so will increase your following. In order to successfully expand your network, you must communicate with your client base and your business connections- whether it is direct or indirect- on a daily basis.

Communication through Social Media

Staying on good terms with business connections/clientele may seem to be an easy task, however as your business expands, it can be difficult to keep track of all your connections. Through social media, you can tend to client needs and business connections. Having a considerable number of contacts is a major advantage to you and your company, so it is important to maintain relationships that feel a bit more personal.

If you are using social media to connect with your clientele and business relations, you are already one step ahead. Remember that social media is not only for giving out information about your brand, but also for interacting amongst people. If a client/ business relation is reaching out to you on social media, it is essential that action is taken as soon as possible. Some people may take it personally if you do not respond to their comment. If a reply is given quickly to that person, you have created a good impression upon your company- proving that you do care about your personal business/client relationships.

Even leaving a simple comment towards a business contact/ client can go a long way. Let your followers know that you still care about them whether you are currently doing business with them or not. Letting people know that you appreciate them every once in a while is guaranteed to improve the way your business is viewed.

Business Language

Make your messages clear and concise to consumers. Remember that not everyone understands as much as you do within your field of expertise. It is not necessarily beneficial to try and display all of your knowledge within simple Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn posts. Social Media for businesses should be informative yet fun. Try not to scare away potential customers with all technical business talk. Lighten the mood by showing off your personal flare- have a little fun with it!

Remember that as far as social media is concerned, it is a good idea to keep yourself in between the professional approach and the fun of interacting with your clientele/ business relations. Maintaining a balance within these two areas is guaranteed to improve your business success.