Omnichannel Strategies that Actually Work

Jul 11 2017

Top online retailers use these omnichannel strategies to save their brick and mortar stores – and it’s working. A lot of stores went bankrupt this year including well-known brands like The Limited and Wet Seal. The ones left standing are putting their full strength into taking advantage of what consumers want.


Buy Online Pick Up in Store

This is one of the most popular strategies, a service offered by most brands that utilize omnichannel strategies. The key to this one is convenience and customer service. The reason consumers use this strategy is to shop quick. They don’t want to wait in line or be harassed by sales associates. These consumers already did their research by the time they’ve clicked purchase. Keeping the pickup counter at the front of the store makes sure that the customers know their convenience comes first, not store profits.


In Store Returns of Online Purchases

Some people don’t like the hassle of returning items through the mail. Instead they just want to stop by the store on the way back from work. They don’t want to worry about packaging and who to ship and the labels. Being able to just pop by the store to drop off a return is a great convenience.


Fulfill Online Orders from Store Inventory

This is the quick way to get shoppers to use your omnichannel service. It’s not just that this way is faster for customers but there is also a trust involved. If they know the item is already in stock in the store they don’t have to worry about shipping delays

These omnichannel strategies are ways that smaller retailers can compete with amazon. It’s better to have these services working smooth like clockwork since amazon is starting to buy up brick and mortar stores and open locations of their own, even while most retailers are closing stores across the globe.

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