Turn Online Shoppers into Online Buyers on Mobile

Mar 03 2017

Mobile traffic is set to outpace desktop and tablet traffic in the next few years. Optimizing your mobile eCommerce site should be a top priority for your business. Make sure your mobile site is responsive – not just a small version of your desktop website. For this reason many businesses are opting for mobile-first website designs that take mobile design as the first priority when making a website. That isn’t enough when it comes to mobile shopping. There are four vital goals to have in mind while optimizing your mobile eCommerce website.

Streamline Checkout

Making the checkout process as smooth and easy as possible can boost conversion rates on mobile. This means removing as many redundant and unnecessary fields as possible and helping users out with auto-fill form fields. Other things you can include are providing the right mobile keyboard for each field – for example a numeric keypad for zip codes. And always offer a guest checkout option.

Optimize Website Performance

A big frustration for mobile shoppers is when a mobile site is too slow. Optimize your mobile sites performance by controlling how images and content load on a page. You can’t control your consumers network speed but you can at least make your mobile site as fast as possible.

Accept Digital Wallets

Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay are still limited in reach but it’s only a matter of time before it becomes more widely used. PayPal, on the other hand, should be a must in order to alleviate security fears that consumers have over shopping on mobile and because it has nearly 200 million users.

Checkout Features

There are certain features and options that online shoppers expect when they’re making an online purchase. Be sure to include these features so you don’t give them reasons to abandon their cart. These include promo codes, loyalty registrations and alternative shipping methods.

Optimizing these four areas of your eCommerce website can have a big impact on your conversion rates on mobile. Make sure your mobile eCommerce website has these features in them or you could be losing buyers. SoftMirage offers seamless e-commerce integration solutions for your business. Call us today at 714-546-7030 to find out how we can help you.