Top Smart Home Devices

Dec 13 2017

Transforming your home into a smart home can make your life easier and more exciting. If you’re interested in smart home living, you should consider investing in several smart home devices. With these devices, you’ll be able to control your home’s lighting, appliances, media systems, temperature, doors and windows, and a variety of other functions. Let’s look at the top smart home devices that are currently on the market.

Auto Locking

All too often, people are in a hurry and forget to lock their doors when they leave their homes. Fortunately, this problem can be eliminated with a smart auto locking device like the August Smart Lock. If you don’t want to worry about yourself or another family member forgetting to lock the doors of your home, you should consider an auto locking device.

An auto locking device will lock your doors any time someone leaves your home and unlock them any time it detects that you or a family member has arrived. It can keep your home safe by helping you monitor it and prevent unwanted visitors.

Connected Appliances

Connected appliances will provide you with peace of mind and greater control of your home. By investing in connected appliances like a connected GE appliance that integrates with Amazon Alexa, you can receive timely alerts to problems or simply when your dishes are done. For example, if your refrigerator door is open or your dishwasher is leaking, you can be informed early on via your connected appliance. This way, you won’t have to worry about ever arriving home to a fridge full of spoiled food or a flooded kitchen caused by your dishwasher.

In addition, connected appliances give you the opportunity to be in control of your appliances remotely. You don’t have to be home to find out what’s in your fridge or preheat your oven. Your fridge can simply notify you of whether you have an item in stock while your oven can preheat itself so that you can save time cooking dinner on a busy evening. Lastly, with controlled appliances, you can find out when your fridge, dishwasher, oven, or another appliance is in need of maintenance or a repair.

Smart Thermostats

If you’d like to keep your home comfortable on both hot and cold days, a smart thermostat will allow you to do so in an efficient manner. A smart thermostat, like the ever popular Nest, will give you the chance to monitor and control your home’s temperature from your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Thanks to a smart thermostat, you can save on energy and ensure that your AC or heater isn’t running when there is nobody home.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs can do far more than just sit in a socket and light up the rooms in your home. If you invest in smart light bulbs, you can dim them without having to install any dimmer switches. In addition, you can control them from just about anywhere, change their colors, and play music if they feature built-in speakers.

Auto locking, connected appliances, smart thermostats, and smart light bulbs can improve your home’s safety and increase its energy efficiency while making day-to-day living more convenient and fun.