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Benefits of Blogging for Your Website

Jan 05 2018   •   By taking the time and effort to produce fresh blog content, you can increase your website traffic, improve your SEO rankings, increase leads, facilitate discussion, position your brand as a leader in your industry, and develop long lasting customer relationships.

Top Five IRCE 17 Chicago Sessions to Attend

Jun 05 2017   •   IRCE 2017 kicks off with 10,000 attendees in Chicago for its internet retailing annual conference. If you are one of the brands, retailers, and technology professionals here at the show, we've got a list of top sessions you should attend.

Visual Shopping

Apr 13 2017   •   Brands have been trying to break into content shopping with not much luck, but it’s the new way to shop that has the most untapped potential. With so much content being created online every day, shopping the look and visual shopping seems to be the next big money maker in online retail. Some brands have started to tap into this potential with smart ways to connect content to commerce. Here are the biggest ways content shopping is making a splash in the online retail scene.

Shopping on Instagram

Apr 06 2017   •   Instagram is going a step further in ecommerce by expanding its Shopping feature, making it easy for users to buy from their favorite brands straight through the app. Plans to include all fashion, apparel, jewelry, and skincare brands to the Shopping feature were unveiled during Shop Talk 2017, with expected roll out to occur during the second quarter of this year.

WeChat Leads E-Commerce to a New Future

Jan 17 2017   •   China’s number one communication tool, WeChat, connects millions of Chinese consumers to each other and to retailers with the convenience of an all-in-one app. The power of WeChat is apparent in its wide spread use and its abundance of uses. It is single handedly replacing debit cards, loyalty cards, customer service agents, email marketing, branded mobile apps, store locators, and traditional digital advertising.

Want Your Brand to Stand Out on Social Media? Here's How:

Nov 22 2016   •   Social media is quickly becoming a major driving force for successful marketing. Knowing how to effectively utilize social media can give your business a strong advantage. Each social media site is different and should be optimized accordingly for your business. Twitter is one of the most effective social media outlets when it comes to building strong relationships with customers. With 140 characters or less, your business can keep in constant communication with customers. This continuous dialogue is imperative to building a strong brand that values customer input.

Social Media for Art Galleries: User Engagement

May 24 2016   •   Social Media is great for connecting with friends and family, but it’s more than that. Social Media is the mainstream way to share information and promote all that your gallery represents. You want to share information and promote what your gallery shows, and if you are a Art Gallery Owner – you want to promote your services and your business.

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