90-Day Certain Sale | Luxury Auction Technology

SoftMirage recently launched a live auction site designed to speed the luxury goods selling process. The Newport Beach, Calif.-based McMonigle Group recently started utilizing the 90-Day Certain Sale program, accounting for a 60-day marketing period and a 30-day contigency. As of press time, 117 luxury lots were on 90daycertainsale.com, with “Buy It Now” prices as high as $8.2 million and bids as high as $2.5 million. Auction lot prices are reduced by a set percentage each week for every week they remain unsold, for up to eight weeks.

Outside of Orange County, the name Steven Pollack luxury marketing superstar might not be recognizable, but his company SoftMirage is fast becoming a legend in luxury good sales. Recently acclaimed as the top-10 Luxury Markeitng firm in the nation by the Luxury Marketing Council. Clients include; Coldwell Banker, Fraser Yacht, Sotheby's, and Hilton-Hyland ti name a few. Steven Pollack and his team sold more than $3 billion of luxury goods since 2004 with a total of more than $1,5 billion in the past two years. Known for impeccable customer service, SoftMirage’s savvy creative and technology innovation with networking through out SSouthern California extends their influence well beyond their home base.

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