Irvine Company Office Properties | Sales Gallery Program

Irvine Company Office Properties displays leasing information and incentives in their empty office spaces. This allows leasing officers to take potential tenants on tours of these vacant offices and show them what the perks are of leasing from Irvine Company. Softmirage was tasked with a redeploy of updated panels for these spaces where we took the project from design to installation.

Irvine Company Office Properties owns and manages a diverse portfolio of  office properties, including high-rise, mid-rise, campus office and industrial properties throughout California. Enjoy the privileges that come with leasing space from Irvine Company Office Properties—great buildings in the best locations, industry-leading customer service and the flexibility to move and grow within our diverse portfolio. Our business is backed by a long-term vision that is unique in the real estate industry. As we do not sell our properties for quick profit, we must treat them as an investor would as valuable assets. Projects locations range from Southern Califronia to Chicago.

Identity, Conceptual Design, Design and Art Selection, Installation, Print Collateral, Space Plan,