Hypothetical Plans - Progressive

Offices that use a completely open plan layout will tend to have higher levels of noise pollution, but are generally considered to have much better levels of communication. This particular style of layout is more common in offices where employees are engaged with computer based tasks rather than telecommunications. One perceived advantage of this system is that people are not secluded in cubicles and, therefore are able to see each other working. There are obviously some considerations about the lack of privacy in a completely open plan format, but this structure does enforce a sense of teamwork and the need for clear lines of collaboration.

A Hypothetical Plan is an exercise to give a client an idea of how an office might be layed out in a certain space.  It gives an idea of numbers of workstations, private offices, and utilities, giving opportunity for adjustments before a layout is committed upon.  SoftMirage provides hypothetical layouts from the start to the end of the conceptualizing process, creating space plans, building models, furniture and final renderings for review and/or marketing.

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